R.I.P My Love.

Her kisses were perfect, like the rays of sun that barely kissed the surface of the ocean at the birth of the night-time.

Her hugs were as soothing as the single cool breeze of wind soaring on the hot day of a summer.

Her scent was like that of the freshly blossomed flower; taking its’ first magnetic breaths of life.

Her spirit is now one with the beauty of the Earth.

Every kiss from the sun to the ocean became even sweater than perfect;
Every cool breeze of wind more comforting than the last;
Every kind aroma flowing through my nose aroused my grieving soul.

For this is how I know her divine presence still remained alongside me.

Yet, ungratefully; I still yearn for just a single glimpse of her face; even beyond the yearning of the desert for the rain.



Though he was blinded; he could still see Her so distinctly,

As if she was a single firefly,

Trapped with him in a pitch black closet.

Nothing else mattered around him,

But to follow that light.

That’s how he knew he Loved her.

He found it.

Something that Mankind desperately cries out for.

He found ‘Natural Love’

-©Sir Kristopher Williams I
Find your firefly my friends.